Summary of Safety Law

A groupware that effectively supports e-Business environment
Improve your business productivity through built-in functions as e-mail, electronic payment system, collaboration, messaging service, and so on!
A solution for business, foundational to industry integration, including systematization of knowledge information, unification of business tasks, and etc.
A unique business email that enhances your brand value
A powerful anti-spam service that blocks 99% of junk mails.
A daily report of newly blocked mails.
A secure email with an anti-virus software.
A private email account that enhances corporate identity and credibility.
A hierarchical email structure that automatically classifies received mails.
A security system enhanced by secondary login password.
A groupware for global Business
A WEB-based solution, accessible on any environment connected to Internet without installation.
Supports UTF-8 that displays all languages in the world without garbled characters.
Supports a universal form for any multinational corporation with foreign branches.
Supports a unique webmail system built on separate domain server for each affiliate and branch of a corporation.
Effective lease type & custom built type service

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